How One Podcast Led to A New Business!

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One day in January 2017, as part of my bedtime ritual, I was listening to one of my favourite podcasts, Inside the Lens, hosted by photographer Don Komarechka (a fellow Ontarian). He was interviewing Gene Cooper, founder of GIGAmacro, a California tech company that has developed an automated imaging system that allows for zooming in, annotating, measuring, scaling and sharing digital images of any kind of specimen or artifacts, with ultra-high resolution and deep focus. What???!!!!

Being a photo nerd my whole life… sleep was out of reach that winter night!

The next day I was telling my wife how excited I was about the technology; a few weeks later, I was flying out to Napa, CA to the offices of GIGAmacro to meet the founder and rest of the staff, see the automated imaging system in

Making a new friend at an entomology org in the San Fran area

operation, and talk to some of their customers.

Within three months of hearing that photography podcast, I had started my own business, MIGHTYmacro to sell the GIGAmacro system in Canada, as well as offering imaging services to several industries including science, education, manufacturing, forenics, and marketing such as retail display.

While I have called myself a lifelong learner for many years, this entrepreneurial experience,, at the ripe age of 52, shows that I am still in love with innovation, and trying new things. I really believe in this technology and its applications!

Meanwhile, a HUGE thank you to Don Komarechka for interviewing Gene Cooper of GIGAmacro on his podcast! Here is some of the striking macrophotography Don is know for: