Mighty Maple Leaf: Canada 150

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What could be more fitting to work my macro-photography magic on than a maple leaf – of which there is an abundance where I live, in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.

The humble maple leaf has been the national symbol of our great nation since… well, it gets confusing, see the history highlights below in this blog post!

This year we celebrate our 150th anniversary as a nation, noting that the habitation of this land dates back well before that. (It is also National Aboriginal Month here in Canada.)

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ZOOM IN on the maple leaf here to see all the beauty in its detail!

For our American and other foreign friends…

Some fun facts about the Canadian maple leaf as symbol. (Some Canucks might not know all this, either!)

  • 1830s: First adopted as a symbol by French Canadians; the then-mayor of Montreal called the maple leaf “the king of our forest.”
  • 1867 – the year of Confederation: Alexander Muir composed “The Maple Leaf Forever” which became the unofficial anthem of English-speaking Canada.
  • 1868: The maple leaf was included in the coat of arms of both Quebec and Ontario.
  • 1876 – 1901: Maple leaf included on all Canadian coins.
  • 1901 – 2013: Maple leaf kept on the Canadian penny, until its demise.
  • 1921: Added the maple leaf to the Canadian coat of arms
  • 1965: the Canadian flag introduced, with the maple leaf at its heart.

And if you knew all that about the maple leaf’s history in Canada… then tell us WHICH KIND of maple leaf have we done a macro-image of here?

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