What is Our Mission?

We create ultra-high resolution, extreme closeup (macro) images in huge (gigapixel) sizes for industry, education and display using an automated system that replaces manual processes, offers more scalability than microscopes, and allows for digital interaction and sharing.

Who Are We?

We’re artistic nerds at MIGHTYmacro! We love photography and science, so making ultra-high definition gigapixel images really turns our collective crank! We also understand your business needs; we know how the right tools in the right hands can generate a rapid ROI, especially automated tools.

Before founding MIGHTYmacro, Doug Angus-Lee worked for more than 30 years in business development, including many in 3D printing for manufacturing, healthcare and educational applications. Doug’s lifelong passion for photography includes an extensive, international portfolio.

The MIGHTYmacro studio is located in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada at 512 Hughson Street North. Email Doug@mightymacro.com or phone 905‑537‑4392 and we’ll be happy to show you around our office and demo the GIGAmacro Magnify2 system for you.

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