Don’t need your very own Magnify2 system right now? You can still benefit from the power of gigabit macro images for your business by hiring MIGHTYmacro to provide you with these services. We can handle any job from a single image to large custom requests.

In-Studio Imaging Service

The most economical solution is to bring your sample to our studio for imaging. CDN $1,250 per day.

On-Site Imaging Service

Need to keep your valuable collections in-house? We come to you and image your collection on site! CDN $1,750 per day, with these deliverables:

  • All original images
  • Focus stacks
  • Final stitched image
  • Zoomable/scalable image
  • Optional external hard drive, with all images and in process files
  • Backups: we keep your files in our archives for six weeks from the date they are delivered to you.

Bring us your cherished samples – be  they specimens or cultural artifacts – and benefit from CLICK-ZOOM, CLICK-SHARE, CLICK-MEASURE, CLICK-ANNOTATE and other functions! Check out our amazing technology; zoom in on this zipper imaged for KiMade Labs designers of modular athletic wear.

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