Science Centres

Science centres, children’s museums, planetariums, aquariums and other places that showcase science, nature and technology, can engage and educate visitors better with interactive displays comprised of extreme closeup images that let visitors zoom in deeper and deeper!
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Education and Research

Entomologists, geologists, paleontologists, archaeologists, other scientists and art historians can create detailed digital records of important samples and share them with students, researchers, and other collaborators anywhere in the world.
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Employees in quality assurance/quality control labs can replace or complement traditional microscopes with macro photography for easier sharing, digital records, and automated image capture such as for PCB/IC inspection.
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Law enforcement officials can use templates to automate the image capture process of evidence as small as a grain of sand.
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Professionals in marketing communications need engaging images for trade shows, advertisements, office or retail design. Macro photography can create huge images from the smallest samples.
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