Education and Research

Macro Photography for the Most Accessible Collections

Making work easier for entomologists, geologists, paleontologists, archaeologists, other scientists and art historians:

Researchers and instructors can create highly detailed digital records of cultural artifacts and collections.

  • Share these records easily with researchers, collaborators and students around the world. (CLICK-SHARE)
  • Study rare samples securely, without having to take them away from your archives.
  • Teach subjects of expertise online as well as in-person; access to collections anywhere.
  • Restorers and archivists can use super-high resolution gigabit images as a digital record of the original condition of cultural artifacts and works of art, and the various stages of restoration.

CLICK-ZOOM here, on one of the infamous Dare Stones, to check out the amazing technology available at MIGHTYmacro through our partnership with GIGAmacro!

Extreme closeup of anything, big or small, you wish to study; learn more!