Education and Research

Macro Photography for the Most Accessible Collections

Making work easier for entomologists, geologists, paleontologists, archaeologists, other scientists and art historians:

Researchers and instructors can create highly detailed digital records of cultural artifacts and collections.

  • Share these records easily with researchers, collaborators and students around the world. (CLICK-SHARE)
  • Study rare samples securely, without having to take them away from your archives.
  • Teach subjects of expertise online as well as in-person; access to collections anywhere.
  • Restorers and archivists can use super-high resolution gigabit images as a digital record of the original condition of cultural artifacts and works of art, and the various stages of restoration.

CLICK-ZOOM here, on this extreme closeup of the stamin of a poinsettia plant. Extreme macro images can be used in life sciences, biology or botany research and education to examine, document and share details not visible to our eye.

CLICK-ZOOM here, on this extreme closeup of a Forked Fungus Beetle.

Extreme closeup of anything, big or small, you wish to study; learn more!
CLICK-ZOOM here, on this extreme closeup of a geology thin section. . Available at MIGHTYmacro through our partnership with GIGAmacro!