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macro photography equipment system
The Magnify2 robotic system for macro imaging

The GIGAmacro Magnify2 automated imaging system is all you need to create gigabit macro images with the fastest turnaround, so you can control your samples. The basic system includes everything you need to start making stunning macro images including:

  • Magnify2 Imaging Station
  • Control Box
  • Canon Digital SLR
  • Canon MP65 Macro lens 1:1 to 1:5
  • Canon XXX Macro flash system
  • Computer for capture and image processing
  • Software and workflow tools
  • Gigamacro viewer
  • Cables

Once you get your Magnify2 system, MIGHTYmacro will walk you through the process of setup and making your first images, so that you get the most from your investment.

CLICK-ZOOM on this gorgeous butterfly to demonstrate the amazing technology you can use to inspect, record, and display any specimen or cultural artifact. You can also CLICK-SHARE, CLICK-MEASURE, CLICK-ANNOTATE and more!


In addition, to get even more functionality from the Magnify2 system, MIGHTYmacro offers a wide array of optics to suit your imaging needs, including telecentric objectives, diffusers, backlighting, and cross polarization.

Telecentric Objectives

Telecentric lenses have no distortion that normally results from varying distance of the object from the lens. This is particularly important where accurate measurements are required. Our most common telecentric lenses are Nikon TM1x; Nikon TM 3x; Nikon TM 5x; Nikon TM10x; Nikon TM20x; and adapter stack for Nikon objectives.


Adding a diffuser to your Magnify2 creates a more even light which often results in a more pleasing image with less contrast.


If you have transparent samples or want your background to be pure white the backlight option is the right solution. The Magnify2 automatically positions the backlight so it is directly behind and opposite the sample you are imaging.

Cross Polarization

Reflections often mask details and become distracting. Use the cross polarization option to reduce or eliminate reflections. This image was taken without and with cross polarization so you can see the difference.

Service and Support

Your system comes with six months of service and support included. To continue to get the most from your investment in the Magnify2 we offer service and support contracts on an annual basis.

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