Edward Weston and me

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Edward Weston has been called one of the most innovative and influential American photographers, and he’s one my personal favorites.  He combined a unique artistic eye with extensive knowledge of photography equipment and processes of the day to create art that is still vital today, almost 60 years after his passing. LINK to Edward Weston site […]

Digitizing Your Collection: Future Proofing

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As the third, and final post in our series, Digitizing Your Collection, we tackle the question: How do you choose technology that will ‘future-proof’ your digitized collection? You’ll need to define who your audience, and several sources discuss this, such as  “A Guide for Managers Planning and Implementing Digitization Projects” by the Ministry of Culture History and Sport […]

Macro Photography or Microscopy?

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The system we use to make amazing, ultra-high resolution images of very small details is the Magnify2 by GIGAmacro. This system captures images in full colour and resolutions up to 60,000 pixels per inch (ppi). The image here shows a butterfly imaged at 20,498ppi with two detailed sections. So is it macro photography or is […]

How One Podcast Led to A New Business!

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One day in January 2017, as part of my bedtime ritual, I was listening to one of my favourite podcasts, Inside the Lens, hosted by photographer Don Komarechka (a fellow Ontarian). He was interviewing Gene Cooper, founder of GIGAmacro, a California tech company that has developed an automated imaging system that allows for zooming in, […]